Two Baldwin RF-16 Sharks are fired up outside of the Michigan Northern Railway enginehous in Cadillac, MI in May of 1978. These engines, which were on loan from the owner of the Castolite Corporation, were heavily used during the early period of the MIGN for its "flag out" operation. This brought the struggling MIGN important traffic as it guaranteed low rates for lumber traffic and resulted in the routing of a tremendous amount of carloads of lumber across the Mackinac Striats on the Chief Wawatam carferry. Eventually, the ex-D&H Sharks (numbers 1205 and 1216) wore out their welcome on the MIGN and subsequently ended up on the E&LS in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. At some point, as the story goes, some "railfans" broke into the E&LS shops and stole many one of a kind things including the Sharks' builder plates. Following this, the Sharks were locked away never to be seen again, leading to rumors ranging from them being scrapped to the owner waiting to retrieve the plates before restoring them. Paul B. Larsen collection, photographer unknown.


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